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  • Brand:    XLY
  • Type:    HFBR-4503Z/4513Z
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Industrial Control POF Patch Cord


1. Description

     The HFBR-4503/HFBR-4513 POF patch cords are made of POF simplex cables and Agilient connectors. Standard attenuation and extra low loss POF cables are identical except for attenuation specifications.
     Polyethylene jackets on all plastic fiber cables comply with UL VW-1 flame retardant specification.
     POF patch cords can be customized according to customer's needs on the cable length, connectors etc.

2. Technical Parameters 

Parameters Unit Numerical value
Fiber diameter mm 1.0
Cable diameter mm 2.2±0.1
Fiber material --- PMMA
Jacket material --- PE
Attenuation dB/m ≤0.2
Insertion loss dB <0.5
NA --- 0.5
Wavelength nm 650
Incident angle --- ≤60°
Bandwidth MHz· 100m ≥10
Cable length m 1~ 100m (Customized)
Bend radius --- ≥10times of fiber diameter
Operating temperature ºC -20~70
Storage temperature ºC -20~70
Refractive index --- Step index

3. Features

1. Light in weight; energy saving and safe;
2. High bandwidth; excellent flexibility; vibration resistance;
3. Anti-electromagnetic interference; stable and reliable signal transmission;
4. Heat and code resistant (-20- 70 Celsius Degrees);
5. Easy to install and connect; maintenance easily;
6. Complied with YD/T 1447-2006 and YD/T 1258.6-2006, the state communications industry standard;

4. Applications

1. Industrial automation control system
2. Industrial robot system and servo system
3. Communication system
4. Digital multimedia systems
5. Medical sensor system
6. Power system, etc

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