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Toslink Cable

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Product Description

1. Toslink to Toslink audio.
2. enjoy movies with Dolby Digtal and DTS surround sound on your laptop or any
other device with a mini toslink port.
3. Provide the most reliable audio signal transfer.
4. Discounted wholesale cost for high quality materials.
5. free to electromagnetic interference.

6. Easy assembly and insltallation.

Audio, DVD, Amplifier, Speaker, Game,HUB, Digital VCR,CATV, Computer

Item Specification
Unit Min. Typ. Max.
Optical    Fiber Core Material - Polymetyl-Methacrylate    Resin
Cladding Material - Fluorinated Polymer
Core Refractive Index - 1.49
Refractive Index Profile - Step Index
Numerical Aperture - 0.5
Core Diameter µm 920 980 1040
Cladding Diameter µm 940 1000 1060
Jacket Material and color - Polyethylene,Black
Diameter mm 2.13 2.20 2.27
Indication on the Jacket - SUPER ESKA;Blue
Approximate Weight g/m 4
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